Secret service: how to use chatbots and AI to run your business

Can Artificial Intelligence and humans work together? Introducing Edward, the intelligent chatbot

hotel chatbot example

Automation to answer such queries is exactly what has happened in many industries, with increasing use of bot systems to shuffle customers in queues, and pre-sort people’s needs, before often handing them on to a human operator. That works quite well for a bank or energy supplier, but the hospitality business is rooted in people-to-people interactions, so hotels have been slower to adopt such systems. A Statista study from 2022 showed that chatbot usage in the hospitality sector was expected to increase by 53% overall, with the figure rising to 64% for independent hotels.


Another example is a cosmetics company, Sephora, that offer two smart chatbots. The first, Facebook Sephora Reservation Assistant, allows customers to make in-store appointments, and the second, Sephora Virtual Artist, allows them to try on makeup, virtually. They also have Sephora Kik Bot to provide tips, reviews and how-to videos. Because of seasonal changes and the demanding nature of the accommodation industry, hotel businesses have adapted to meet with the solutions necessary for the unpredictable and rush holidays.

Lower IT complexity and costs

For example, the Yakitori and Sashimi meals are offered as suggestions to Japanese guests. This way time isn’t wasted and furthermore, upgrades and additional services such as spa packages are provided with the aid of customer’s spending patterns. The ML algorithms and methodologies enable real-time analysis of all evaluations relating to a brand, identifying favourable and unfavourable terms. You may modify your hotel offers and services using this data to better match the demands of your guests. Additionally, you may quickly post good evaluations about your hotel on your hotel website if you’ve linked Cloud Based Hotel Management Software and the hotel website.

  • Current volumes of incoming communication make it hard to stay intimate with each customer.
  • We will not collect all the data referred to above in each case, but only such data as required for the specific purpose.
  • These range from touchscreen kiosks located in hotel lobbies, apps that allow you to check-in without even entering the hotel, and more.
  • To be able to do this, the chatbot is equipped with artificial intelligence and access to knowledge databases and other information so it can become ‘contextually aware’.
  • But what happens when guests go to their room and realise they haven’t got enough towels?

Many businesses want to go omni-channel and platforms such as ActiveChat.ai, Quriobot and Respond.io are ready to accommodate the growing demand. In addition, companies now have the luxury of building chatbots without touching any code by using platforms like Chatfuel, Botsify hotel chatbot example or Flow.ai with their simple drag-and-drop flows. This concept has been adopted from the use of artificial intelligence, in the prediction of the stock exchange patterns in businesses and this has contributed both in terms of labour and financially to the business industry.

Conversational UX

As mentioned earlier, intelligent recommendations can be made before or during the booking process, but this is also possible afterward. After all, hotels don’t have to pay commission for these bookings, which leads to higher profits. A hotel chatbot can help with this by increasing the number of conversions on the hotel website by answering questions hotel chatbot example quickly. A hotel chatbot is a form of digital technology that can respond intelligently to human interactions and be used on behalf of a hotel or other business in the hospitality industry. The purpose of a chatbot is to simulate the type of meaningful interactions a customer might have with an actual employee, usually through text.

hotel chatbot example

Guide provides an overview of the key areas we see our customers prioritizing their investments, creating operational efficiencies. Click here to find out more about cloud application development and managed services on the Google Cloud Platform. KLM’s BlueBot, Lufthansa’s Mildred and many more are now permanent points of contact for a growing number of travelers, helping people book tickets and managing their flight changes or delays. “Guests that engage with Rose spend 30% more than guests who don’t, and are 33% happier when they leave.” according to the report. It forms part of a wider project by the hotel group to cater to an increasingly digitally-savvy guest.

Chatbot translators can quickly identify languages used by website visitors based on their location. They can also translate scripts on the fly and manage simultaneous guest inquiries from all over the world. Tools such as Bebot go a step further and enhance guest experience through automated guest https://www.metadialog.com/ review collection, onsite restaurant renovations, and booking confirmations. Get to know your customers through the feedback they leave on major hotel review sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. But instead of always going through the process manually, use an intelligent tool to do it for you.

Until we have more evolved Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems, the wiser thing to do is to start with pre-built responses, which provides useful shortcuts to tireless typing. The company employs artificial intelligence to track flight pricing trends, helping travellers pinpoint the most cost-effective times to book their trip. This multifaceted early adoption of AI technology has helped put Expedia at the forefront of personalised and efficient travel planning. Discover the main functionalities and advantages of chatbots in the customer service system. Cloud-based, mobile-enabled hotel PMS platforms offer hotels an innovative way to engage with guests while enabling hotels to reduce IT costs and simplify their infrastructure.

What is smart hotel room example?

A smart hotel room or smart suites enables guests to control their hotel rooms remotely. For example, a guest can lock the hotel door, close and open curtains, turn TV on or off, and manipulate the lighting system.

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